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The CERN Cabling Team

Cabling team

The Cabling Team is dedicated to provide high-quality services to all CERN users, including the production of cables, crates and other equipment, as well as the installation and upkeep of interconnectivity systems in various CERN locations, such as ATLAS, ALICE, CMS, LHCb, the LHC and the East and North Areas.

Our logo features the team members, a cable-cross section, and the Experimental Areas as well as our mission statement that reflects our team’s identity: putting quality first. The yellow cores shown in the cable-cross section resemble the team members, and the orange ones our team leader.

This logo deals with procedures that have four steps: plan, do, check, and act, as well as the 5S: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. We apply these concepts in many ways, such as in the development of visual procedures. The Jobs Management Process outlines the steps we take and ensure that no stage is overlooked to constantly achieve high-quality results and constant improvement process.

  • Cabling and multichannel connections in workshop for chassis, racks and cable harnesses
  • On-site cabling projects for physics detector application
  • Sharing competence and advice on cable/connectors methods, material, tests and specifications

Industrial service :

  • Mixed FSU and Interim workforce
  • Minor contracts for specific cabling campaigns