Design & Coordination (DC)


Design and integration studies, Secondary Beams and Experimental Areas super-intendents, technical coordination, and planning, etc.

The Design & Coordination (DC) section provides design, integration and coordination support for CERN's secondary beams & Experimental Areas (LHC experimental areas, EAST HALL, NORTH AREA, AD and HiRadMat). 

In particular, the section is responsible for:

  • planning and coordinating of installation, maintenance, shutdown and repair activities for secondary beam lines and Experimental Areas;
  • providing technical support to the Users of EN-EA complex, and ensuring their installation in Experimental Areas;
  • providing design and 3D integration support for new projects (e.g. EAR, NACONS, Hostlab) and current facilities in the secondary beams & Experimental Areas during their preparation, integration, installation, operation, modification, consolidation and dismantling phases (PS exp. EAST AREA, SPS exp. NORTH AREA, AD, AWAKE, nTOF beam lines, HiRadMat & LHC Exp. Areas);
  • maintaining, designing and upgrading beamlines equipment (e.g. collimators, Cherenkov and other detectors) under the group responsibility;
  • implementing configuration and layout database in the secondary beams & Experimental Areas;
  • the DC section also provides services to CERN in terms of shielding block management (procurement and storage) and cleaning & dismantling activities in Experimental radiation controlled areas.