Engineering & Configuration Management (EC)


Design and engineering support, thermal and mechanical validations, configuration management.

The Engineering and Configuration (EC) section provides Configuration Management and Engineering expertise and support for CERN's secondary beams & Experimental Areas (LHC experimental areas, EAST HALL, NORTH AREA, AD, AWAKE, nTOF beam line and HiRadMat) as well as for related accelerator projects (HL-LHC, AWAKE Consolidation, etc.) and studies (PBC, FCC, CLIC, etc.).

In particular, the section is responsible for:

  • providing engineering support for various projects and installations in operation in the secondary beams & Experimental Areas during either their preparation, integration, installation, operation, modification, consolidation and dismantling phases;
  • ensuing safety in view of getting engineering safety validation, carrying out analysis and/or defining the path for the official approval before manufacturing of beam line and infrastructure components;
  • performing mechanical calculations, structural analysis and defining prototype qualifications;
  • establishing a framework and a work methodology for configuration management and layout database in the secondary beams & Experimental Areas;
  • establishing and maintaining an adequate track of changes throughout the lifecycle of EA's activities, allowing to verify  that the activities were performed as intended, and are identified and documented in sufficient detail to support its projected life cycle;
  • participating in new projects, studies and work packages taking place in the secondary beams & Experimental Areas and associated accelerators, in particular the:
    • East-Area Renovation Project;
    • North-Area Consolidation Study;
    • AD Consolidation Program;
    • ELENA project;
    • HL-LHC  Collider Experiment Interface Work Package;
    • CERN LHC Hostlab Project.
  • The EC section also provides engineering support for LHC and HL-LHC equipment under EA responsibility.