SPSC members visit EHN1 hall



SPSC visit in the EHN1 hall
Members of the SPSC visitng the EHN1 hall with their tour guides. Credit: J Bernhard.

Following the 152nd meeting of the Super Proton Synchrotron Committee (SPSC), which took place from 6 to 7 February at CERN, the members visited the CERN North Area. For getting an overview over current activities and in view of the upcoming physics run, this time the focus went to the EHN1 hall. There, the committee members took a guided tour to the NA61/SHINE experiment as well as to the H2 and H4 beam lines due to their high demand among test-beam users. The H2 and H4 beam lines include the Very Low Energy (VLE) branches that serve the Neutrino Platform experiments NP02 and NP04, of which the latter is asking for beam time this year.