Liaison to Experiments (LE)


Beamline design & commissioning, user and operation support, test facilities, project support, associated committees, etc.

The LE section is responsible for the design of the secondary beams downstream the primary targets and of the corresponding experimental areas, as well as of irradiation or test facilities in the CERN accelerator complex and the liaison with all related users.

In particular this addresses the:

  • design, commissioning and upgrade of secondary beam lines, experimental areas and test facilities; following their installation, maintenance and consolidation and ensure corresponding beam readiness;
  • beam and physics coordination between experiments, users, operators, equipment and service groups;
  • physcis support to and host projects linked to secondary beam lines, experimental areas and the interface between beam and detectors;
  • coordination of the above activities and covering safety aspects.

Today the section covers:

  • the East and North Experimental Areas exploitation;
  • the low-energy beams for the EHN1 extension;
  • Physics Beyond Collider related studies;
  • chairing the Experimental Area Technical Meeting (EATM) and representing EAs in various committees, such as IEFC, FOM, PS/SPS User meetings, SPSC, etcetera; 
  • coordinating relevant Machine Detector Interface (such as CLIC).