Projects and Resources (PR)


Project studies, management and coordination, financial follow-up, quality assurance, etc.

The PR section brings together key projects within the EA group ensuring their successful preparation and later completion. The corresponding project leaders (PLs) or technical coordinators ensure together with their teams the overall project management. This follows a well-defined WBS, relies on detailed coordination, requires manpower and budget agreements with concerned departments/groups, as well as thorough budgetary and expenditure control during the execution phase. PLs define and review in detail the WPs and establish a project baseline approved by the group leaders and department heads concerned. The final baseline is presented at department/sector level, accompanied by regular Cost and Schedule Reviews to validate the transition between important project phases.

In particular this addresses the:

  • North Area Consolidation (Project Leader: Y. Kadi)
  • ELENA EA implementation, AD Consolidation (Technical Coordinator: F. Butin)
  • Hostlab Project Phase-I and Phase-II (Project Leader: A. Tauro)
  • LHCb Upgrade-II Study (EA Study Leader: F. Butin)