Associated Technical Services (AS)


Mechanical support, vacuum systems, instrumentation requirements, gas systems, cabling, scaffolding, industrial service contracts, etc.

The AS section oversees the construction and operation support for the areas in which the EA group has an overall site and operation responsibility. Upon request, it provides CERN-wide support in its field of competence to groups and users, with particular priority towards physics experiments and experimental areas.  

Competencies and trade-experiences in the section are in brief:

In particular, the section is responsible for:

  • cabling, on-site and in workshops, fabrication of tailored cables/harnesses with connectors and fittings suited for experiments and detectors. This includes associated mechanical installations, supports, crates/racks and containment;
  • mechanical works including machining, welding, assembly and fine mechanics well suited for secondary beam lines, corresponding detector test installations and physics experiments;
  • vacuum system construction, operation and maintenance in particular for secondary beam lines;
  • gas system operation and maintenance; especially oriented fixed gas supply systems for the experimental areas (including LHC) and user support in the fixed target and test beam areas;
  • multi-directional scaffolding for complex site- and underground installation works.

Resources available (in addition to staff members):

  • industrial service contracts providing on-trade competencies in the form of result- and quality oriented contracts (total gas management, scaffolding) and field support units (FSUs) (cabling, crates/rack and connector related activities, distribution and mechanical beam line works, as well as safety support);

on-site workshops well adapted to our and our clients technical needs.